Thursday, 5 May 2016

Trout Anglers Alarmed by Plans to Close Fish Farms

Anglers are considering what action they should take after Inland Fisheries Ireland announced plans to discontinue operations at all of their fish farms and hatcheries. The National Anglers Representative Association (NARA) and ten other angler representative bodies learned of the plans after staff at these fish farms were informed that operations would cease. None of the eleven angler representative bodies were consulted with in advance of the announcement and the planned closures are not mentioned in Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Strategy for Angling Development. This announcement in effect means that more than 100 fisheries within the state will be unable to source trout to stock their waters.

At a recent meeting with one of the fisheries that will be effected, Inland Fisheries Ireland conceded that there is no alternative plan in place that will enable the demand for farmed trout to be met. Whilst a limited supply of rainbow trout can be purchased in Northern Ireland there is not alternative supplier of brown trout. Purchasing rainbow trout from outside of the State will also result in a loss of income tax for the Irish Exchequer.

A recent study which was conducted by Inland Fisheries Ireland calculated the economic contribution of angling to the Irish economy at over €836m per annum and stated that angling is also estimated to support in excess of 11,350 jobs. The loss of these fish farms will have a serious financial impact on the value of angling and it will result in job losses. The largest fishery likely to be affected is Lough Owel which is just outside Mullingar County Westmeath which has played host to numerous International angling competitions and serves 25% of the Irish population.

Inland Fisheries Ireland currently stocks a number of fisheries with both brown and rainbow trout. Anglers who use these fisheries pay a Managed Water Permit to Inland Fisheries Ireland.  Angling clubs supplement this stocking programme by purchasing trout directly from IFI’s fish farm. The cost of purchasing additional trout if met through fundraising and membership subscriptions.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Brown Trout Fishing on the Borgund river in Norway

Amazing footage from a short trip to the beautiful Borgund river in Norway. A place where the river feels untouched, mayflies hatches in masses and the biggest trout break the surface first to have its dry meal.

THAT FEELING.. from Lotte Aulom(reelgirl-flyfishing) on Vimeo.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

A National Disgrace!

All that is wrong with how Ireland’s commercial sea fishing fleet is governed can be summed up in the following article published on An Irish Anglers World website

Read the full article here

The Rachel J Trawler Kinsale

Monday, 25 January 2016

First salmon of 2016 season caught on Lough Currane

The first salmon of the 2016 season was caught last Monday at 10.50am by angling guide Neil O’Shea on Lough Currane in Waterville, Co Kerry. The fresh fish weighed 4.5kg (10lb) and taken while trolling a Rapala lure from “The Bridge” on the eastern side of the lough.

This is the first occasion for Currane to record the first salmon of the New Year in Ireland.
“Conditions were very good although, while our season started the previous day, it was too windy to venture out,” he said. O’Shea also has the distinction of catching the first Currane salmon on opening day in 1986 and 2009.

At time of writing, the Drowes still awaits its first salmon. “The river has, at last, returned to normal levels, and with an influx of anglers at the weekend, we are hopeful for our first fish,” proprietor Shane Gallagher said.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

No to More Slash and Burn!

To: The Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Heather Humphreys TD

We ask you to reconsider your proposal to change the Wildlife Act to allow for the burning of vegetation in March and the cutting of hedgerows in August and establish proper hedgerow and upland management regimes that works for farming, road safety and wildlife.

Sign the Petition Here:

(Campaign created by Irish Wildlife Trust, Birdwatch Ireland, An Taisce and Hedge Laying Association of Ireland)