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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ardaire Springs Fishery Kilkenny

Ardaire Springs Fishery

Having found the website for Ardaire Springs and looked through the content I was immediately curious. I called the owner Ned and arranged a days fishing. On arrival I could see a lot of work, thought and effort had been put into the design and development of this fishery. Ned arrived on site and we chatted about the lake and the fishing over a coffee in the fishery lodge.

Ned recommended buzzers and cats whiskers for the rainbow trout. The weather conditions for the day were awful with high winds and rain, making the fly fishing challenging however I still managed to catch fish. During the course of the day I successfully got into 5 energetic and fit rainbow trout averaging 2.5 pounds. 

All caught on Neds fly recommendations. I also had a lot of fish come after the fly, bite and come off, with a bigger fish of about 7 pounds showing interest but not taking. The trout I did land were in immaculate condition, strong fighting and healthy in appearance. I found the resident duck on the lake amusing. I asked Ned why there was only one duck on the lake, Ned explained there were up to five or six ducks on the lake until Mr Fox came and took them!

To round off my opinion on, Adaire Springs Fishery I'd give it a thumbs up for onsite facilities, quality of fish and friendly staff. It’s a modern man made lake, developed By a fisherman and built For fishermen so I can see it growing from strength to strength in the future. Perfect place for beginners. For the experienced fly fisherman, the lake is stocked with bigger fish of up to 20 pounds in weight.
Contact Ned Maher on 086 812 8937