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Friday, 15 July 2016

Great week on the Bandon River

It was a great week for anglers on the Bandon River with the long awaited arrival of travelling fish in good numbers. Salmon were spotted jumping the weir in Bandon town in two's and three's which was quite a sight to see. Bandon Angling Association members reported multiple catches with a mix of colored and fresh fish being caught and lost.

Brown Trout
Dry fly fishing for brown trout has also improved with warm evening temperatures prompting good evening hatches. All brown trout in the pics below were safely released after photo taken.
(C) Rubber landing net to minimize stress and damage to fish
(C) 3lb Brownie
(C) 2.5lb Brownie

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

National Pike and Trout Policies Review

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has today (04/07/2016) published the indicative timetable for the review of the National Pike and Trout PoliciesFollowing the appointment of a Policy Review Group later this month, the review process will commence with a scoping consultation which will be open to all interested parties.

IFI has long recognised that public policy-making can be enhanced through the active involvement and contribution of all stakeholders and has set out how it will develop policies and consult with stakeholders in its IFI Procedure on Policy Development andIFI Stakeholder Consultation Policy. It is expected that the updated Pike and Trout policy documents will be available in July 2017.
A policy group will be appointed shortly and will comprise of five IFI staff from the Research, Operations and Business Development divisions.
Dr Byrne, CEO of IFI said “IFI is committed to consulting with stakeholders and the general public on matters of inland fisheries policy. I expect the forthcoming scoping consultation process to gather useful information that will provide an evidence base for the update of the pike and trout policies in tandem.
“An agreed view from angler stakeholder groups would be most welcome and I urge the representative groups to work for such an outcome. I encourage all domestic and tourist anglers, tourism providers and the general public to provide their views on the important issues regarding the management of our important pike and trout species.”
IFI acknowledges the upcoming protest being staged by pike interests and can confirm that no decision has been taken regarding the cessation or otherwise of pike management operations in designated trout waters for 2017. IFI has accelerated the review of the policies and is working to ensure the completion of this exercise in as consultative way as possible that ensures all interested parties have input to policy formulation .
As advised previously work continues within IFI regarding the examination of:
  • The current stock management programme, including resource usage, fish transfer and health and safety;
  • Marketing and socio-economic information to include actual and potential economic value;
  • Scientific information to provide advice and to consider the scientific merits of the processes being currently undertaken.
See the timeline for the review process here: Indicative Timelines.pdf

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sea Trout Fishing in the South of Ireland by Hans Eckhardt Wagner

One of Eckhardt's homemade sea trout flies (this photograph is copyright protected)

40cm Sea Trout caught by Eckhardt Wagner (this photograph is copyright protected)

The most dominant water level on Ireland's so called "Spate Rivers" is low water. The chances of catching a salmon are low but not for sea trout! The sea trout can be best described as "Nomads of the Tide" who will travel up rivers regardless of water level, even in very low water conditions.

Great sport can be experienced by using a small-medium sized trout rod (6-7wt) with a silvery streamer fly, hook size 8 or 10. During the day it’s no harm to look in the pools before fishing by darkness of night. This means in the month of July, sea trout fishermen don’t start fly fishing till it’s completely dark.

There are plenty of rivers in County Cork that enjoy good runs of sea trout in the summer months. The Argideen river, Bandon river, Ilen river, River Lee, Owenabue (Owen Boy!) to name but a few and some smaller rivers with tidal influence as well.

If you catch a sea trout by fly don't be at all surprised that the fish will spend most of the fight jumping in mid air, providing great sport. The use of barbless single hooks is encouraged and release of all sea trout unharmed.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Inland Fisheries Ireland Should Protect Ireland's Wild Brown Trout

A website has been setup There has been calls for Inland Fisheries Ireland to focus their gaze on the nationwide protection of Ireland's Wild Brown Trout in Irish rivers and lakes.

Irish Salmon and Sea Trout have laws in place to protect them however Brown Trout have no state laws that offer them protection putting them at risk of killing and over fishing during fishing competitions.

A facebook group has been setup to encourage Irish Anglers to photograph their catch and safely release the brown trout so populations can recover. Please join the facebook group Save The Brown Trout at

Brown Trout