Friday, 6 November 2015

Massive Super Trawler The Margiris 50 miles off Donegal Bay

She's back. Today (Friday 6 November 2015), the second largest fishing boat in the world, Margiris, is fishing just off Donegal Bay. This super trawler was banned from Australia, but now as a European registered fishing vessel, the vessel is permitted to operate in any European waters and can fish in any area and retain on board any fish for which it has a nationally assigned European quota. She is currently fishing 50 miles off Donegal Bay.

More About the Margiris
In 2012, Seafish Tasmania brought the ship (then named the Abel Tasman) to Australia. She was originally authorized to catch a quota of 18,000 tonnes of jack mackerel and redbait along the southern shores of the country. After protests against her use by environmental and fishing industry groups, the Australian government passed legislation prohibiting the trawler from fishing in Australian waters for two years. 
For this reason, Seafish Tasmania subsequently sold its stake in the vessel to Dutch company Parlevliet & Van der Plas. On March 6, 2013, after six months moored in Australian waters, she left Port Lincoln, having ressumed her original name of Margiris.
After leaving Australian waters, the vessel passed through Cook Strait, New Zealand on March 20, 2013. She was now flagged to Lithuania and owned by Atlantic High Sea Fishing Company.
Margiris arrived in Port of Penco, Chile on April 7, 2013. The vessel did not berth and steamed out of the bay to fish.
The Super Trawler issue was subject to a court challenge in 2014 and an Australian Government scientific report published in late 2014. Before and after this report there was reaffirmation that super trawlers over 130 metres, like Margiris, would not be permitted under Australia's environmental protection law, yet controversy continues in Australia about factory-fishing boats.