Sunday, 1 March 2015

River Runner Documentary available to see at Cork Omniplex Cinemas

RIVER RUNNER is a feature length documentary of a river system in southern Ireland that holds many secrets. This is the true story of the plight of the wild Atlantic salmon and the near catastrophic clear felling of a unique river forest. The dilemma is lucidly explained by a world class salmon angler, Alan Nolan, who is at home on the lower reaches of the river Lee. Further upstream beyond two dams, constructed in the 1950’s, another secret cloaked for a half a century is explained by environmental & ecology expert Kevin Corcoran. The Gearagh is an inland river forest delta, one of only four on our blue planet. Several hundred acres of this ancient forest, especially age old oaks and yew trees, were cut down to enable the efficient production of electricity. A unique community of Irish speaking forest dwellers, 39 homes and farmsteads, were issued compulsory purchase orders. These houses were dynamited out of existence. The question has never been answered whether this was truly necessary for the sake of progress? The plight of the magnificent wild Atlantic salmon in what was once known as the Silver Lee, due to the abundance of fish, continues to remain critical.