Monday, 10 February 2014

We Await Season 2014 with Anticipation

February the 15th is almost upon us and this means the salmon and trout season opens on most Irish rivers. This is gladly welcome amongst the fraternity of fishermen across Ireland. Its been such a dark, dank and long winter. Even a cast at sea was impossible due to the continuous battering of Atlantic Storm systems particularly in Clare and Galway.

Now we look to season 2014 with positive anticipation. Every fisherman I know is hoping that this season will yield good numbers of salmon and sea trout and that we don't experience the heatwave we had last summer which made the fishing so difficult. River and lake levels were at an all time low and the fish were under pressure with high temperatures.

The focus is now on a new year. The rivers at this time will hold plenty of Kelts/Slots or spent fish (salmon whom have spawned from the previous year). Care should be taken to return these fish unharmed and straight back to water to live another day. Many of them return to spawn again. Don't forget to record kelts/slots in your salmon license logbook for Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Their may even be a spring fish around with all the rain. Keep in touch and send us photo's of your catch and updates during the season. Tight Lines!