Monday, 30 September 2013

Connemara Silver at Screebe by Trevor Down

fly fishing ireland
7 pound salmon caught on Screebe
fly fishing ireland
Trevor's 22.5 pound Salmon caught in Norway

Well what a season and were to start. Firstly my trip to Norway in early June. Breaking my p.b. with a 22.5 pound salmo salar. Landed on the first evening was a dream come true, but with bright days n low water it proved to be a tough week to follow. I struggled...

But with the 20lb plus salmon caught I was in a fishers dream and happy to just enjoy the place and scenery of Norway catching a few Seatrout most days to fill the gaps. On my return to Connemara there had been a small fresh and nice big tides.

I traveled all night to get back for a wedding and missed last 2 days of my weeks fishing in Norway! I heard afterwards they caught 6 salmon on last day after 5 days on the banks with nothing.

So I missed out but made up for it on my return to Connemara.

An hour on the way home the night of the wedding and in that hour I had 4 takes from salmon successfully landing one fish of about 7 pounds before releasing it.

I returned the next day and sold a ticket to regular Kevin Kronin who had caught one salmon and lost 2 by lunch time. Fish were jumping and rolling all over the place so I started fishing from the lake shore where I rose two good salmon on small wet flys. I lost another before changing my fly to a shrimp pattern on tail fly. Then bang, with a few casts a fish traveled 20 feet to hit my fly I just held on for the rise. After a acrobatic fight I released a 5pound bar of silver to fight another day.

The following 9 days took the same course. Each day losing rising and landing one fish, I thought then this was true. Ireland is the fly Fishers dream destination!

Article submitted by Trevor Down - Head Chef and Fishery Manager of Screebe

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